Write amharic ethiopian review kinijit

General Tsadkan Gebre Tensay analyzes with a sharp critical eye the ruling government and party of present-day Ethiopia and gives us a blueprint of the various scenarios awaiting the country. Let me begin by admitting my surprise and admiration to see a top member of the leadership of the ruling party and a former Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Armed Forces undertake such a critical review of a regime that he had served for a long time.

Write amharic ethiopian review kinijit

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write amharic ethiopian review kinijit

Unity for Democracy and Justice Party in Ethiopia 1. According to the official website of the UDJ, the party is governed by its National Executive Committee, which "oversees the overall direction of the party and the policy-making process through a rolling program of policy development setting strategic objectives on an annual basis and meeting regularly to review the work of the party" UDJ [].

It lists the National Executive Committee's members as: An article by the Addis Ababa-based newspaper The Reporter dated 20 June stated that 58 branch offices had been opened across the country and that an additional 59 were planned.

The same article reported that the party had approximately 40, members The Reporter 20 June The stated objectives are to be accomplished by "tak[ing] power in national and regional free and fair elections" ibid.

Its short-term objective is "to support all activities and efforts for the immediate and unconditional release of write amharic ethiopian review kinijit prisoners from [state] prison" ibid. An article published by Reuters News, adds that although Ethiopian political parties have traditionally been ethnically based, the leaders of the UDJ represent three of the most prominent ethnic groups in the country 26 Nov.

He also indicated that the UDJ in Ethiopia does not issue membership cards ibid. In contrast, the representative of Andinet Toronto stated that Andinet Ethiopia does issue membership cards because, as a political party, they are required by Ethiopian law to do so 8 July He also noted that membership to political parties is regulated by the Constitution and other Ethiopian laws, as well as the regulations of the party itself Andinet Toronto 8 July According to the ANAASO chairman, the activities of the UDJ in Ethiopia include holding public discussions and seminars on democracy and human rights; raising awareness of the differences between the current government's policies and those of the UDJ; and publishing a weekly newsletter 6 July Medrek, which had a total of 80 elected representatives between and Sudan Tribune 11 Sept.

The merger was reportedly finalized in December The Reporter 17 Dec. She had previously been arrested inalong with over opposition members, and sentenced to life imprisonment ibid. She and other opposition leaders had been officially pardoned and released in Sudan Tribune 3 Jan.

Her re-arrest in and the reinstatement of her life sentence reportedly occurred because she had denied having asked for a pardon from the government Sudan Tribune 3 Jan. Human Rights Watch reports that, according to the UN, Birtukan's detention was "arbitrary" and "in violation of international law" 6 Oct.

Sources also indicate that she was held in solitary confinement The Guardian 7 Oct. According to the US Department of State's Country Reports on Human Rights Practices forher solitary confinement lasted until Junedespite a court ruling that found her constitutional rights to have been violated by such treatment 8 Apr.

Sources also report that non- family members were denied access to her, although she was legally entitled to visits from friends and lawyers US 11 Mar.

UDJ leaders also reported that authorities had warned citizens against renting meeting spaces to the party The Reporter 20 June In corroboration, Country Reports states that opposition parties were reportedly unable to rent meeting halls because the government had threatened hall owners against doing so US 11 Mar.

Sources have also reported on arrests of opposition members ibid. According to the deputy leader of the party in Novemberthe arrests and detentions of opposition members were a strategy used by the government to prevent them from running in the elections ibid.

write amharic ethiopian review kinijit

Citing unidentified opposition leaders, the Sudan Tribune reported in September that opposition candidates were "being intimidated or arrested on false charges" and that their regional offices were being closed 11 Sept.

The arrested UDJ members were reportedly prohibited from receiving visitors, including family, doctors, and priests The Reporter 29 Oct.

Sources report that Andualem was attacked by his cellmate and sustained serious head injuries VOA 19 Feb.

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The attacker, reportedly serving a life sentence for murder VOA 19 Feb. Sources indicate that they were targeted for their political activities ibid. Both Eskinder and Andualem were reported to have criticized the government's practice of arresting journalists and opposition members for terrorism Human Rights Watch 16 Sept.

Amnesty International AI reports that evidence brought against Eskinder and Andualem included public speeches they had made advocating peaceful protest against the government, and is of the opinion that Eskinder and Andualem are "prisoners of conscience [who were] convicted because of their legitimate and peaceful activities" 27 June The Coalition for Unity and Democracy (Ge'ez: ቅንጅት ለአንድነት እና ዴሞክራሲ), commonly referred to by its English abbreviation CUD, or occasionally CDU; its Amharic abbreviation, used in Ethiopia, is Qinijit, in English writing often referred to as Kinijit) is a coalition of four existing political parties of Ethiopia.

Feb 14,  · Though I am a concerned Ethiopian (Amhara), I know little about Wolqait Tegede.

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Let you please take your time and write an article about what crimes are being committed so that it can be published both in Amharic and English.

Would the administration there employ a non Amharic speaking Ethiopian in its institutions? What do you think the reaction of the Amhara would be if this happens?” you wrote. For your review, the people who speak Afan Oromo as their first language are less than 5% in the Amhara region.

@Truth, I could be wrong, but in my opinion, language, religion, custom are the factors. Amharic and Tigrigna language drives from Geez so, Amhara and Tigrians have so much in common in many aspects and share similar traditons. Ethiopian Review will interview representatives of Kinijit North America and Europe on Friday, Dec.

28 at PM EST. The interview will focus on the role being played by Kinijit in the Diaspora to help resolve the ongoing leadership crisis . ከሱሉልታ እስከ አዲሱ ገበያ እና ከቡራዩ እስከ አውቶብስ ተራ ያለው መንገድ ላይ ውጥረቱ የነገሰ ሲሆን ፖሊስ ረብሻውን ለመቆጣጠር እየሰራ ይገኛል።.

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