Post modern dance essay

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Post modern dance essay

Merce Cunningham set the stage for post modern dance and choreography with something he called Chance Operations.

The idea is that choreography, music, architecture setcostume, etc. Most choreographers find a music selection they like and choreograph with the music. Cunningham, instead, would choreograph an entire piece and add music later that, say, Cage composed separately.

Cunningham also enjoyed working with alternatives to music as is seen in this video.

He would often have his performers dancing to talking or machine sound effects or even silence! Merce Cunningham, sometimes, didn't even need people to choreograph dances! He used a computer program called DanceForms. This allowed him to manipulate his dances in private before revealing the finished piece to them at rehearsal.

Merce Cunningham would literally write down several isolated dance moves ex. Head roll, arabesque, pique, jette, etc and place them in a bag or hat.

He would then draw one move at a time to create a sequence for his performer. The worst that happened is he would have to revise the dance. This unusual style of dance is classified under the Post Modern Dance Movement. Many post modern choreographers will tell you that any form of movement is a form of dance.

If you can find a beat or rhythm to your movements, then you are dancing! According to this, I am dancing even as I type this essay because I am typing in rhythm albeit an uneven one and one could even say that there is an artistic flow as my fingers flit across the keyboard. As you sit reading this essay, you too are dancing in your own way.

Can we really expand dancing so far as to say simply moving is dancing? The argument for this idea asks one to define dance. An artistic form of non-verbal communication that relays some sort of emotion or idea.

Where does that require any talent? In that sense, any movement with an emotion or idea behind it is, indeed dance. But, now we must ask, is it art?

Post modern dance essay

I like to think that art requires a certain superiority, an idea that not everyone can create art. Anyone can play the violin. Not everyone can create art with a violin poor violin playing is my own personal Hell.

Where do the masses and the golden few meet?

Twyla Tharp Postmodern Dance Essay Example for Free

Is art inherent or learned? And yes, anyone can dance. No, not everyone can dance artistically.Watch video · Martha Graham: The Mother of Modern Dance During the time when women were fighting for the right to vote in the United States, Martha Graham began to study dance .

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Post modern dance essay

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Cunningham, Balanchine, and Postmodern Dance Sally Banes; Noël Carroll To cite this Article Banes, Sally and Carroll, Noël() 'Cunningham, Balanchine, and Postmodern Dance', Dance *Throughout this essay, we are using the concepts of modernism and postmodernism descriptively rather than evaluatively.

It is not our intention to insinuate. not only came after modern dance, as the label “postmodern” im-plies; they were also “anti” modern dance.2 They were, in other words, participants in an artistic revolution initiated by Merce *Throughout this essay, we are using the concepts of modernism and postmodernism descriptively rather than evaluatively.

It is not our. POST-MODERN DANCE IN BRITAIN: AN HISTORICAL ESSAY Judith Mackrell To address the story of post-modern dance in Britain is to open up a can of peculiarly slippery critical worms.

Essay on post modern dance essays