Leadership: confidentiality in counseling essay

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Leadership: confidentiality in counseling essay

Ethics Confidentiality is an essential component to the counseling process. It allows for the client to build a trustful relationship with the counselor. Most individuals that seek counseling services assume that what is discussed in the counseling sessions with the counselor will be kept in confidence with limited exceptions.

These exceptions become a complex balancing act for the counselor especially when their clients are minors. Confidentiality is a widely held ethical standard a variously accorded legal right of clients and responsibility of counselors American Counseling Association, American School Counseling Association, According to the Ethical Standards for School Counselors and the Code of Ethics and Standards for Counselingboth specify that counselors are ethically required to take appropriate action and breach confidentiality in certain circumstances involving minors.

We will write a custom essay sample on Confidentiality and Minors or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Counselors are required to breach confidentiality if there is imminent danger to self and others, if there is suspected child abuse or neglect or to protect a vulnerable client from danger.

There are other limitations to confidentiality and minors as well. Some of these limitations involve parents and their right to know what is happening in counseling sessions between the therapist and their child.

This problem is one that schools counselors and clinical therapists must face when counseling minors. Counselors in both clinical and school settings are faced with ethical issues with regards to confidentiality each time they encounter a client that is a minor.


School Counselors must collaborate with all persons involved with the minor in this process, which usually includes the parents and teachers. School Counselors are also sometimes asked to be apart of child study teams within the school, which can be very beneficial to the students and those involved in their lives.

In beginning sessions between the client and the school counselor confidentiality should be discussed and the conditions in which it may have to be breached. According to LazovskyThe management of student confidentiality has been described as the primary ethical dilemma of school counselors.

Leadership: confidentiality in counseling essay

There are various ethical and legal issues that arise for School Counselors when dealing with confidentiality. School Counselors are required ethically to report when a student engages in clear and imminent danger to themselves or others. Some school counselors base their decision to breach confidentiality on how imminent the danger is that is being presented by the situation.

This example shows that school counselors should use discretion when deciding to breach confidentiality. These two minor clients are different but each situation has a variety of ways that it could be handled. According to Lazovkyschool counselors are advised to consult with supervisors and colleagues before making decisions based on breaching confidentiality.

They should also know their state policies and laws in the school jurisdiction.

Leadership: confidentiality in counseling essay

Another ethical and legal issue that can arise for school counselors counseling minors in relation to confidentiality is the disclosure of student provided information to parents. Privileged communication is apart of confidentiality.

Privileged communication allows for clients to ask counselors to keep their communications and records of their counseling sessions confidential. Privilege belongs to the client and the counselor asserts privilege for the client. According to Glosoffthe already complex issue of privileges communication for school counselors is made even more complex by who has the privilege when counseling a minor.

Parents of minors rather than minor clients are assumed to control privilege. School Counselors must not only be mindful of their ethical duties but cooperate with any laws that that apply to them as well.

However, most records regarding the student are held in safe places where other school officials do not have or need access. The issue of confidentiality in Child Study Teams has become an ethical dilemma for many school counselors.

Deciding what to reveal and what to keep confidential can be a hard and difficult task for school counselors. Clinical Therapists face many ethical and legal issues with regards to confidentiality as well. Clinical Therapists are different from School Counselors in their role with minors because the only stakeholder involved with the therapist in most cases is the parent.

One of these ethical dilemmas arises in the area client privilege. In the case of minors, this privilege extends to the parents who act as representatives to their dependent children. Clinical Therapist struggle with maintaining confidentiality for their minor clients especially when the law is on the side of the parents because they have the right to know.

One of the ways that parents can be involved is through periodical family sessions.

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In the clinical counseling setting, there are often conflicts between duties of confidentiality and the need to share information with parents or other agencies that provide care for a child or adolescent.

There can also be ethical conflicts between duties of confidentiality, grounded in respect for patient autonomy, and both statutory and moral obligations to report child abuse, which are grounded in duties of care and protection Kaplan, One issue which troubles some clinical therapists is a statutory obligation to report consensual sexual relationships that adolescents are engaged in with adults irrespective of whether they are clinically judged to be abusive, because they can be framed in many child protection statutes or guidance as constituting abuse.It will examine such aspects as handling conflict, moral issues, confidentiality and a comparison of the benefits of group counseling over individual counseling.

The paper will also look at my personal leadership style, which is relational and there are several leadership styles. The Importance of Confidentiality in Nursing Practice This essay will discuss why confidentiality is important within nursing practice and the reasons why a registered nurse and student nurse are accountable and to whom they are accountable to in relation to patient care.

Essay Ethics And Ethics Of Counseling. Ethics in Counseling Introduction Ethics is established in counseling to protect all those involved in the process, to ensure that confidentiality and the rights of the patient are upheld.

In individual counseling, confidentiality is maintained between the counseling staff and the client while in group counseling all members of the group must vow to maintain privacy of .

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Counseling can come in the form of a group or individual private sessions. Ethics is the principle that affects our behaviors. The impact that ethics has on counseling is different when the counseling is in a group or individual private setting.

Roles of School Counselors Career and life planning is still a major component of professional school counseling (Daily, ). Especially at the high school level, an effective counselor can get students on the right path toward a career with specialized testing, or towards a college that fits their needs.

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