Heart of darkness madness vs sanity

You, too, will come to understand fear

Heart of darkness madness vs sanity

The manager who sends Marlow out to find Kurtz calls him: While it is accepted that Kurtz is an evil man, he is also very complex; he has his own reasons for being in the jungle, but also performs his tasks as a gatherer of ivory better than anyone else.

He is also capable of incredible brutality, and has used his control over the native peoples in the jungle to enforce his role as dictator through fear and murder.

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He claims "great plans" for the future, but doesn't quite seem to know what those plans are. It rang deep to the very last. It survived his strength to hide in the magnificent folds of eloquence the barren darkness of his heart.

The Russian, who admires Kurtz, claims that one cannot converse with Kurtz but only listen; this is possibly how the Russian kept his sanity, because he did not comprehend Kurtz's words, but only listened to their sound.

Heart of darkness madness vs sanity

In the end, Kurtz was a man who did not possess the depth of character necessary to survive seeing himself outside of societal constraints.

Kurtz allowed the vacuum of the jungle to absorb his morality and his ethical ego, and what was left was entirely evil; he proved this through his actions. Kurtz may or may not have fully understood his own evil; his last words -- "The horror!Madness, in Heart of Darkness, is the result of being removed from one’s social context and allowed to be the sole arbiter of one’s own actions.

Madness is thus linked not only to absolute power and a kind of moral genius but to man’s fundamental fallibility: Kurtz has no authority to whom he answers but himself, and this is more than any. This theme is explored quite closely in the literature 'Heart of Darkness' by Joseph Conrad.

The aim of this paper will be to discuss the concepts of madness and insanity and how they are encountered in the above mentioned novel in an attempt to answer the above question.

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Heart of darkness madness vs sanity

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Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness is a novel about the human psyche. It is as concerned with man’s ability to descend into madness as it is with his ability to break away from it and triumph over the dark, consuming impulses that threaten to consume his heart and mind.

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