Essay on catholic reformation

How to Write a Summary of an Article? One, the Counter Reformation proper, was a struggle against Protestantism. The other—sometimes called the Catholic Reformation—was a movement for spiritual and moral reform within the Catholic Church Reardon,

Essay on catholic reformation

Protestant and Catholic Reformation Protestant and Catholic Reformation At the beginning of the 16th century, the Roman Catholic Church, modeled upon the bureaucratic structure of the Late Roman Empire, had become extremely powerful but internally corrupt. From early in the 12th century onward, there were calls for reform.

Between andnine church-councils were held with church reforms as their primary intent, yet the councils all failed to reach significant accord. Around the beginning of the 16th century, the Roman Catholic Church experienced a wide range of social, artistic, and geo-political changes, which was termed the Reformation.

Essay on catholic reformation

Catholics and Protestants both demanded change; however, the way in which they fought for change differed immensely. The Protestant's approach was aimed at undermining the Catholic Church politically, economically, and socially, whereas pressure from the Protestants forced the Catholics into constant struggle to bolster their own claims and improve their corrupt nature.

However, the division of the universal Catholic Church would be the ultimate hardship that Catholics had to endure as a result of this awakening of new ideas.

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The battle to monopolize people's beliefs would create a culture of religious pluralism, as it is known today. The Reformation began on October 31,when a German monk named Martin Luther unwittingly sparked a revolution. The Catholic Church had been selling indulgences for the purpose of raising money, "dirty" money that was used to carry out certain endeavors that they were interested in.

For example, they sold a jubilee indulgence near Wittenburg Castle in order to generate funds for Saint Peter's in Rome. Luther became disgusted with the Catholic Church's practice of selling indulgences, thus he responded to his own inner aversion of this practice by posting a list of grievances against the Catholic Church, called The Ninety-Five Theses.

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Consequently, he started a religious revolution that came to be known as the Protestant Reformation. Luther's teaching of Sola Fide successfully undermined the Catholic Church's attempt to gain economic prosperity by means of remitting sins and shortening visits to purgatory for profit's sake.

He accomplished this by preaching that faith alone can bring salvation. He taught that man's salvation is totally dependant upon God's activity and is in no way conditioned by the action of man. Man's choice of sinPublished: Mon, 5 Dec In order for the Catholic Church to remain strong during the time of the Protestant Reformation, many changes were needed.

These . Protestant Reformation Essay. Key Events in the Reformation.

Essay on catholic reformation

The Catholic Reformation also known as the Counter Reformation allowed the church to clearly define its position, eliminate unchristian practices and examine its role in world.

This paper will address. The Catholic reformation, sometimes referred to as the counter reformation, had four main goals: to revise and strengthen Catholic doctrines, to reform any unjust happenings within the church, to prevent the spread of Protestantism, and to regain land lost to Protestantism, as .

In the fourteenth and fifteenth century, the Roman Catholic Church was all powerful in Western Europe. There was no legal alternative.

The Catholic Church guarded its position and anybody who was deemed to have gone against the Catholic Church was labelled a heretic and burnt at the stake in those 5/5(1). Thesis which within weeks will spread all across the Holy Roman Empire and beyond. Of all the trials that had faced the Catholic Church over the last two centuries, none was more damaging then the Reformation.

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