Already written essay on michael jordan in mla ofrmat

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Already written essay on michael jordan in mla ofrmat

Literature Michael Cunningham's Specimen Days Post-modernism is a highly contentious turn of phrase, with regard to the era in which we currently live as there are many who believe we are still very much involved in the modern era. Yet, two elements of post-modern literature are homage and meta-fiction.

Homage is the practice of openly associating literary works to the guidance of an individual who one admires as an exemplary literary figure.

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In an interview about Specimen days Cunningham states directly his homage to the greats who have come before; "I try to model myself on artists most heroic to me," says Michael Cunningham, "people who ignore their obvious gifts to try something new and see what happens.

Again in Cunningham's own words, "I was interested in what ghost stories, thrillers, and science fiction are telling us about human life and mystery. Cunningham utilizes homage, his intertwining reference to Walt Whitman, and meta-fiction through out this work by directly referencing three popular literary genres familiar to the contemporary American reader.

The three genres associated with this work are, the ghost story, the thriller and science fiction. In Cunningham's work, named for a collection of Whitman works by the same name, the three varied narratives, in the Machine ghost storythe Children's Crusade thriller and Like Beauty Science fiction three differing times in New York City are explored through the lives and interactions of the characters.

In the novella in the Machine a ghost story set across the backdrop of the early industrial revolution evolves into a message about how close fiction can bring one to reality and the consequences of progress. The ghost story genre is fully developed throughout the work as an intimate connection between the characters and the "newly dead" is felt throughout.

In the closing of the work the fire woman, the angle of a dead woman who had just jumped to a firey death as a building was burning spoke to Lucas "We are no longer anyone. We are part of something vaster and more marvelous than the living can imagine God is a holy machine that loves us so fiercely, so perfectly, he devours us.

Already written essay on michael jordan in mla ofrmat

In Whitman's Democratic Vistas he questions the validity of progress, asking the world of his day to seek answers in elsewhere, than in those avenues of modernization and democracy.

I would alarm and caution I say we had best look our times and lands searchingly in the face Gambino 14 This idea of Whitman in the first novella as a man to be followed as a replacement for education is essential to the understanding of the character, Lucas who is seeking to find his way into a world that will swallow him, the machine of progress.

Cunningham 4 it would seem a juxtaposition that emulating a critic of progress would be the answer of a young man given the job of a man who had been killed by the machine, but it demonstrates the validity of Lucas' desire to "stop striding altogether.

Lucas would recite it to Walt and to everyone. He would recite what Walt had not yet written, for his life and the book were one thing, and everything he did or said was part of the book. Cat is a cop working on the deterrent squad trying to create a sense of normalcy in her life as well as understanding about the impetus of this new terrorist organization that seemed to be peopled only by children and that was blowing up people with hugs all over the nation.

Let's say this, then. Whitman was the last great man who really and truly loved the world. The machinery was just starting up when he lived. If we can return to a time like Whitman's maybe we could love the world again. Interestingly, and true to the nature of Cunningham the male robot is a trafficker of homoerotic sadomasochistic fantasies.

Bahr 60 the setting of central park is his workplace as tourist pay to have him reenact systematic scenes of presumably historical park crimes against innocents. Carefully planned attacks ranging in systematic level from 1 cat calling to 9, alluded to as full acts of sadomasochistic sexual acts.

Simon is a paid fake assassin in a theatrical production of an earlier time, when crime was uncontrolled and persistent, the name of the company he works for being Old New York, being built on historical accuracy, that Simon only marginally fulfilled as he was white and only desired as a "single" the lowest paid attraction, as only gangs of blacks could really represent history accurately.

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Catareen, though entirely alien served as Simon's compass for the reality that all people felt in many ways disconnected from humanity, regardless of their composition, robot or biological.

In Like Beauty Whitman poetry is programmed into Simon against his will and therefore it pervades the final piece as Simon navigates through discovering his humanity in an inhuman form. Compare the Four Ordering Options 1. Buy this paper with your credit card or cash balance at PayPal.

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